From the Founder

  • What do Smudgies have in common with pockets?

    Working women are hard-pressed to find practical solutions like Smudgies, or pockets in their blazers, to everyday challenges. Why aren't we demanding products that can make our lives easier, and even make or break a big moment? Well, in my opinion...
  • The right way to use a Smudgie

    "How do you use it?" I've compiled a quick overview of the top ways that I like to use Smudgies to answer one of the most common questions I get about the product!
  • #Studentpreneur: My Journey As Smudgies Founder

    Stories are something I care deeply about. Here's an overview of a few chapters of mine since I started Smudgies! In fall of 2017, the production ...
  • A Year of Grit

    Has it really taken over a year to get here? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself since I got my new Smudgies in hand. Let me tell you, it ...
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