The right way to use a Smudgie

Hey everyone, Jasmine here. One of the first questions I get from people hearing about Smudgies for the first time is "How do you use it?" So I've tried to compile a quick overview of the top ways that I like to use Smudgies! Fair warning, I'm going to ramble a little longer, but you can find that list if you scroll down to the bottom of this article!

makeup meme
Friends, I have never been and never will claim to be a makeup artist or expert.

The silver lining to that? I created a tool to help myself with makeup, and found out a lot of other women needed the same thing!

Here's the thing. Makeup is unique for every woman, even down to the application. So what I use my Smudgie for might not be what you or your mom or your sister or your friend need it for. I absolutely love it when people come back to me after buying a Smudgie and actually teach me new tips and tricks for using it!

So, spoiler alert, there really is no "right way" to use Smudgies. I definitely encourage you to experiment with yours, and let me know what you discover!

Here's that list of the main ways that I use Smudgies! 


  • Smudges everywhere, all the time! Mascara is the makeup product I couldn't live without, often the only one I use, and the one I mess up the most! In fact, mascara smudges were the reason I made Smudgies in the first place.
  • The more mesh-like side works best on mascara. Slip a little and or blink too hard while applying it? Notice it collecting below your eyes midway through the afternoon? Needed a good cry? Got caught in the rain? Sweating after running to class or to catch the bus? Get rid of those splotches, smears, and smudges with a swipe or two with a Smudgie!
  • Fun fact: Beyoncé’s makeup artist Sir John considers “overdosing” on mascara one of the top makeup mistakes—for that subtle, less-is-more look, just hold a Smudgie under your lashes and blink to remove a layer or two without smearing the rest of your look (this also helps get rid of clumps and fan out your lashes more)!
  • oh, the infamous cat-eye. A feat that, done to perfection, draws the envy of those who painstakingly labor to achieve it, only to give up after countless failed attempts and desperate Google searches. Even the less adventurous, who stick with gels or pencils over liquid eyeliners, will find Smudgies to be a quick and easy solution for adjusting length or thickness to achieve the perfect wing to top off their unique style!
  • Both sides of Smudgies work well for eyeliner – I just use the lighter colored side because I think the way it shows up on the solid-colored side is more satisfying!
  • Whether you’re going for smoky or shimmery (or both!), Smudgies are a great way to make minor adjustments that bring the whole thing together!
  • I definitely prefer the smoother side for eyeshadow fixes - it's so soft and really effective for picking up powdery product!
  • Dab gently if you get a little heavy-handed on one side or with a certain shade. And when you’re done applying, gently swipe a Smudgie from the outside edge of your brow to the edge of your eye (or eyeliner). This makes your eyeshadow look cleaner, and gives it an extra little pop! 
  • Really this goes for concealer, bronzer, highlight, and all face makeup! Once you've finished applying and blending, have you ever noticed traces of liquid or powder lurking along your hairline, in your eyebrows, or on your lips?
  • The smoother side of a Smudgie is super convenient for cleanly getting rid of those. You won’t damage your hairstyle, and you'll need less product on your brows and lips when start from a clean base instead of having to cover up other colors! 
All day, every day
  • Even if you don't mess up while putting on makeup, Smudgies are amazing for touching up - absorbent enough to act as blotting papers for sweat or oil, and able to smooth out cakey or runny makeup.
  • Before I wash my face at night, I use a Smudgie with water to take off all of my makeup - just like a makeup wipe or mini washcloth! 
  • If I have any lingering mascara smudges, a Smudgie makes quick work of them. Even waterproof mascara!
  • Or if I wasn't as thorough the night before, I'll use a Smudgie to get rid of raccoon eyes when I wake up in the morning, before putting on any fresh makeup!

There you are! My top tips for Smudgies. If you're worried about them not working for the makeup you use, we've surveyed women who use a variety of brands and have tested - and approved! - Smudgies for use on L'Oreal, Estee Lauder, Maybelline, Jafra, Benefit, Sephora, Lancome, CoverGirl, bareMinerals, and more! 

Order yours today!

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