Your Story Has Power

Empowering women is an integral part of the Smudgies mission. Our goal of revolutionizing the makeup industry rests in the belief that makeup itself is empowering: a way for women to express themselves and to feel beautiful. Whether they want to get more creative and try new things with their makeup, or just get past annoying mistakes and smudges and move on with their day, Smudgies® give women even more freedom to embrace who they are through makeup.

Unfortunately, makeup can also become a mask, used to hide everything from insecurity to abuse. With this in mind, Smudgies has undergone a journey of seeking ways to support women through the vast range of challenges they face. Early on, this looked like donations to local domestic violence shelters and partnering with Heels on the Move to Heal on October 19, 2019, for its second annual charity shoe fashion show.

Now, we are uniting our love of storytelling, our commitment to serving others, and our brand’s mission to empower, by giving women the opportunity to share their stories of overcoming adversity. We believe that stories resonate with people, because stories define us. Each person has a story that has shaped who they are, through both joy and sorrow, triumphs and mistakes. Some of our stories are difficult and painful, but telling them can help us both embrace who we are and inspire those around us.

Our Stories Collection is now live! Be inspired by the stories we have received so far, share your own, or nominate someone else whose story has power here!

Words color our world. They connect us, and individual words take on special meaning for each of us. We want to give women the chance to keep the words that inspire them, that remind them of who they are, close by. Smudgies will soon feature a new line of “Stories” products, featuring some of the most resonating words from the stories that women have shared with us.

Stay tuned to watch this project unfold!

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